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Welcome to my Course; Making Money Blogging

This course is meant to teach you on how you can make money blogging through Adsense program by Google. I have set the course around the knowledge i have learned through the past four years of blogging, and my blog; an education or rather scholarship.  Through the Adsense ads i have made of an average of $10,000 monthly earnings and its your turn to create either a similar blog or create a new niched blog and implement similar strategies that i used.  I will take you through my Adsense account and my blog backend to give you a clear understanding of the process and a proof of the strategies. 

This course that i initillially sold a $150; is now at $30 and includes;

The course – Written and video Lessons

Consultation over email ;

  • Introduction 

    An introduction to the course, my adsense account and blog

    • My Story
    • Course expectation
    • Course objective
  • Thinking Like an Advertiser  

    Before selecting a Niche for your website or writing your blog posts, you must think like an Advertiser

    • Introduction
    • Getting your website Niche
    • Improving on Cost per Click
    • Improving on Cost per click-Video
  • Mastering your adsense account 

    Your Adsense account is the largest asset on improving your earnings; if well exploited your earnings can improve considerably

    • What Adsense Success depends on
    • Using your Adsense Account to Improve on CPC- understanding the metrics
    • Creating great Advertiser focused Ads Step 1
    • Creating great Advertiser focused Ads Step 2
    • Creating great Advertiser focused Ads Step 3
    • Creating great Advertiser focused Ads Step 4
  • Traffic 

    The quality of your traffic will significantly increase your cost per click; This lesson will show you how to get instant traffic and of best quality

    • SEO or Social Media Traffic
    • How to get Quality and Quick Traffic
    • Setting up paid social media Traffic
  • Setting Up your Blog 

    Now that you have understood all that is required to start a successful blog; its time to create yours

    • Writing rich posts
    • A focus on website